Black and White Hole

white-holeCarlo Rovelli – Loop Quantum Gravity –  VideoArticolo Nature
Rovelli gives a general overview of the developments in Loop Quantum Gravity and describes a recent idea for a possible novel window of observation of quantum gravitational phenomena: Planck stars.

Eugenio Bianchi e Matteo Smerlaki: Last gasps of a black hole –  Pdf
After 40 years of active research the question of the fate of information that falls into a black hole is still open . In this talk I will discuss recent results that allow us to compute the entanglement entropy production in black hole evaporation. In particular I present a study of the information release in a model that takes into account the loop quantum gravity resolution of the black hole singularity . The analysis of this phenomenon provides new insights into the entanglement structure of space-time during and after the complete evaporation of the black hole.